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You can access Robin's Bio, complete Discography, Pictures, and the 4 Song Books complete with Guitar Chords and Lyrics to help get you some background on this monumental Artist's prolific body of work and a career spanning more than 4 decades! Few Artists can claim to have had the impact on generations of Guitar Players that Robin has had! Though many comparisons have been made between Robin and Jimi Hendrix, us Trower Fans know that is comparing Apples to Oranges. Robin did not copy nor pursue the Hendrix sound, though he did respect Jimi and his guitar playing. Robin created his own language and crafted his own style of playing from within his own heart and soul! And he has ventured out into other music endeavors including Producing, scoring, writing for other Artists and experimenting with various fellow musicians to create different sounds, styles, emotions and ways of communicating his inner thoughts and feelings through various Band line ups, Producers, Vocalists, Amps and effects while maintaining the one thing that has been his strength and unique gift - the way he PLAYS! It's Robin's deft approach towards his instrument using various open and closed chord structures and scales, coupled with his ability to hear, like no other Artist, the nuances of sound that allow him to be identified so easily as soon as the music starts! NO-ONE PLAYS GUITAR like ROBIN TROWER! And THAT is the reason his music will continue to stretch the limits of what can be accomplished and continue to satisfy the original Fan Base while reaching outward and forward into the minds and imaginations of new and younger Fans!




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